“We are gathered here today to witness                           a wedding of two people in love:                                     heart, body and soul...” 
“Congratulations! I am committed to being                    the very best minister for your wedding day.” 
“I always put together a wedding ceremony that reflects your sentiments and spirituality. You are welcome to write your own vows. Each ceremony is custom tailored for you and approved by you. I have many examples to peruse for ideas.
“I am comfortable performing ceremony in any environment, from a small beach side wedding, in a private house garden, to an large extravagant church wedding, or a hotel ballroom such as at The Hills in Laguna Hills. 
“I will help each person in your wedding party understand their role in the wedding procession, for the entire ceremony. Music helps set the mood, and I can bring a small sound system if needed. It will be a fun and easy wedding ceremony for you, I give you my promise.”
The Reverend Kathleen Shannon

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Wedding Officiant Kathleen Shannon